Secrets of the 2008 Campaign |

Secrets of the 2008 Campaign |

Edit 11/11/08: hoofdstuk 7 toegevoegd.

Zeer interessant stuk over wat zich achter de schermen van de campagnes van Clinton, McCain en Obama afspeelde. Alles onder embargo geschreven door special reporters van Newsweek die dit pas na de verkiezingen mochten publiceren.

The disclosures are among many revealed in “How He Did It, 2008,” the latest installment in NEWSWEEK’s Special Election Project, which was first published in 1984. As in the previous editions, “How He Did It, 2008” is an inside, behind-the-scenes account of the presidential election produced by a special team of reporters working for more than a year on an embargoed basis and detached from the weekly magazine and Everything the project team learns is kept confidential until the day after the polls close.

Hier alvast links naar de eerste hoofdstukken (printversies dus noads), het hele verhaal verschijnt ook in de Newsweek van 17 november a.s.
0: Hackers and Spending Sprees | Highlights
1: How He Did It | Obama
2: Back From The Dead | McCain
3: The Long Siege | Clinton vs Obama
4: Going into Battle | McCain
5: Center Stage | Obama, Clinton, McCain, Palin
6: The Great Debates | Obama vs McCain
7: The Final Days | Obama vs McCain

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